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Axis Mundi - Blondes (2) - FACT Mix 312 (File, MP3)


6 thoughts on “ Axis Mundi - Blondes (2) - FACT Mix 312 (File, MP3)

  1. supported by 43 fans who also own “Axis Mundi” One of the best doom albums I've heard in a really long time. I like that their sound is more anchored in 70s hard rock, as opposed to, say, NWOBHM or gothic or stoner doom. It's also a very punchy album - both the guitar and bass sound really muscular.
  2. Axis Mundi is a Latin term meaning axis of the world. You may have seen or read a book by Samuel Cox entitled, "Salvator Mundi," or, "Savior of the World." Mundi is the Latin word from which we get our English word, mundane, or pertaining to the world. Axis mundi is a term used to describe a particular feature of philosophies and religions.
  3. Axis Mundi | New York West 39th Street, Suite New York, NY Studio: info [at] opcirtioscythtiabreakinsitelutarep.coinfo CHICAGO: Axis Mundi | Chicago N. Clark Street, Suite Chicago, Illinois Studio: chicago [at] opcirtioscythtiabreakinsitelutarep.coinfoation: West 39th Street, Studio , New York, NY New York, NY USA.
  4. Release Date: 1st April 'Axis Mundi' is the first single from the upcoming Portraits album. Axis Mundi takes the role of a young Native American embarking on a vision quest. The song strives to paint a vivid picture of the natural and supernatural phenomena that 5/5(9).
  5. Axis Mundi › Customer reviews The samples you will hear on this sight lack the depth and fullness of the CD or even a better mp3 rip. They are comparatively hollow. It's a shame that listeners can't get the feel from them. My sole criticism: I wish the cymbal had been left a bit more in the background, but perhaps the fault is my aging.

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