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Rolling Stoned (Remind You) - YMTK - All The Right Places (File, MP3, Album)


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  1. May 02,  · All later issues (with varying matrix numbers) play a different version of ”Tell Me” with a running time of , albeit there are five label variations and four cover variations in existence, making for twenty-one different versions of a “first pressing”. You can get further information from the album’s page on Discogs, but check out that running time and matrix number whenever you.
  2. THE ROLLING STONES. I was a Stones guy back in the day. It's a dilemma dating back to the '60s itself: you were either a Beatles person or a Rolling Stones person. You can like both, but each individual has a preference for one or the other (the question has also been applied pitting Elvis against the Beatles). I was a fan of the Beatles back then (as now), but was perhaps a bit too young to.
  3. This LP is the only one that features the " South Michigan Avenue" long version on vinyl. Muddy Waters plays guitar at the end of the track and as Decca didn't want to pay him any royalties, they prefered to shorten it on all other issues.
  4. Don't you wanna live with me? Oh, the manager are so careless now The cook she is a whore The butler has a place for her Behind the pantry door The maid, she's French, she's got no sense She's ridin' the crazy horse And when she strips, the chauffeur flips The footman's eyes get crossed Don't you think there's a place for us Right across the street.
  5. May 03,  · Canadian 1st pressing vinyl, Spanish vinyl with Let it Rock in place of Sister Morphine, Deluxe Edition 2 LP with Spanish cover, Virgin CD with "original album packaging". Edit: Out Of Heads too if you consider the UK and US as the same: UK version on vinyl SACD US version and the US and UK CDs from the Rolling Stones in Mono box.
  6. The Rolling Stones' "Miss You" is from the group's lp, "Some Girls". Despite meeting with some resistance due to the fact that many thought the ultimate rock band, the Rolling Stones were selling out by releasing a Disco tune (which "Miss You" is, the Rolling Stones didn't hide that fact), the song still managed to find itself all the way.
  7. Mar 27,  · Excellent selection of excellent photo's, excellently presented. First class text about Gered's work with the Stones All copies autographed by Gered. Pearce Marchbank The Rolling Stones File X Contains music and a few passport-like pages on each Stone.
  8. First, to the item about which avid Rolling Stones followers will be most curious. The outtake of "Reelin' and Rockin'" is okay, but surprisingly languid, the group slowing down the tempo from the Berry original to a more relaxed and blues-funky groove, as if they were casually using it as a warm-up number, rather than kicking out the jams as they did on Berry's "Around and Around.".

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