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Mr Wicked Man Know Yourself - Dillinger - Cocaine In My Brain : The Anthology (CD)


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  1. Dillinger-Cocaine In My Brain-CD-FLACYARD Dillinger-Cornbread bw I Thirst Part Two-(JSD )INCH VINYL-FLACX-YARD Dillinger-In My Brain-2CD-FLACK7 Dillinger-In My Brain Disc1-CD-FLACK7 Dillinger-In My Brain Disc2-CD-FLACK7 Dillinger-Say No To Drugs-(LGD )-CD-FLACYARD Dirty Berty-I Dont Want To Know-7INCH.
  2. リー・ペリーの下でのレコーディングを皮切りに70年代を中心にルーディーなトースティングで大活躍したDillingerのヒット曲からレアな曲までを幅広く収録したアルバム。自身の大ヒット曲"Cocaine In My Brain"をはじめ"Middle East Rock"などキラーなナンバーを収録!!
  3. I sent a Tweet that captures my nearly 30 years spinning Reggae Radio: Smile Jamaica love Halloween or as I call it Jah-loween as much as April 20th.. So I give you a taste of what I’m featuring for three hours Saturday Jah-tober 28th: PM Mtn.; opcirtioscythtiabreakinsitelutarep.coinfo or FM i Salt Lake City.
  4. Mr. Wicked man know yourself War is not the answer Love is what the world needs Ranking of the past Working from memory this appears to be a modern cd release of Dillinger's classic album. The original cover of dread surrounded by a haze of ganja smoke has been replaced with a snap of the man super imposed over a shot of a beach.
  5. 11 - Mark My Word 12 - Funkey Punk 13 - Mickey Mouse Crab Louse 14 - Cocaine In My Brain 15 - Mr. Wicked Man Know Yourself 16 - War Is Not The Answer 17 - Love Is What The World Needs 18 - Ranking Of The Past 19 - Trial And Crosses 20 - Judgement Day Rock 21 - Marijuana In My Brain 22 - African Roots Rock Reggae-.
  6. This Trojan collection is built around Dillinger's "Cocaine" album from , easily his most consistent release in a terribly erratic career. Along with the classic title track, there's the follow-up hit "Marijuana In My Brain," and the irresistable "Funkey Punk" and "Crab In My Pants."/5(6).
  7. Answer My Question: African Worldwide Love: Don't Take Another Man's Life: Blackboard Jungle: Mark My Word: Funkey Punk: Mickey Mouse Crab Louse: Cocaine In My Brain: Mr Wicked Man Know Yourself: War Is Not The Answer: Love Is What The World Needs: Ranking Of The Past: Trial And Crosses: Judgement Day Rock: Marijuana In My Brain: African Roots /5(12).
  8. Compilation de Dillinger sorti le 30 Août , la playlist de Cocaine in My Brain: The Anthology est composée de 43 chansons en écoute gratuite et illimitée. Navigation. 15 Écouter Ajouter Mr Wicked Man Know Yourself 16 Écouter Ajouter War Is Not The Answer
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