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  1. The Atlantean Language is a constructed language created specifically for the film Atlantis: The Lost Empire by linguist Marc Okrand. The language was intended as a possible "mother language." Therefore it was crafted to include a vast Indo-European word stock with its very own grammar, which is at times described as highly agglutinative, inspired in Sumerian and North American languages. The.
  2. Atlantis is a small island-continent in the ocean west of Thuria, and east of the Pictish Islands. It is the home of the Atlanteans, enemies of the Picts and of the civilized Seven Empires of Thuria. They established colonies on Thuria. It is hardly a coincidence that "Commorria" in the days of Kull so resemble "Cimmeria" in Conan's days. The Atlanteans did make war against the mountain-city.
  3. Feb 15,  · The Atlantean Irish is a sumptuously illustrated, exciting, intervention in Irish cultural history. Forcefully debated, and wholly persuasive, it opens up a past beyond Europe, linking Orient to Occident. What began as a personal quest-narrative becomes a category-dissolving intellectual adventure of universal opcirtioscythtiabreakinsitelutarep.coinfos:
  4. Atlantean Cottage is an upscale bed and breakfast located in downtown Bar Harbor Maine. Walk to Acadia National Park and all Bar Harbor's shops and restaurants. Vegetarian breakfast and Location: 11 Atlantic Ave Bar Harbor, ME, United States.
  5. Atlantean Cottage is a very important part of Bar Harbor's architectural and social history. Its preservation and beauty today are due entirely to the fact that it can be used as a vital business thus supporting its maintainance and ongoing restoration and opcirtioscythtiabreakinsitelutarep.coinfoon: 11 Atlantic Ave Bar Harbor, ME, United States.
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  7. Atlantean definition: 1. of or like Atlas; strong 2. of AtlantisOrigin of AtlanteanClassical Latin Atlanteus, of Atlas, of the Atlantic from Atlas, Atlas.

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